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We're an Ohio-grown, family-run business with 20 years' experience in graphic design, and a level of customer service that you'll be hard-pressed to find in big-business.  Our quality of work speaks for itself, and if you haven't seen our work, then you're in the right place!  Browse the site to see samples, prices, request a quote or just find out who we are.


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Printing of all Sorts

We work to make you successful.

CrossTimber printing logoAt CrossTimber, we do so much more than printing. We are here to make you successful, whether it's through business printing, website design, graphics & logos, or finding great personalized gifts for friends and family. With nearly 20 years' experience in the printing and graphics industry, we use all our creative talent to provide quality, professional products with top-notch visual designs.


Our Name Meaning Gifts, for example.  Every design is custom crafted with full-color designs, and in-depth researched name meanings. We do everything from building the background to researching and type setting the personalized meanings, printing, framing, shipping, and offering matching name coffee mugs and name bookmarks, too!  Check out our full line of Name Meaning Gifts at www.Meaning.Name!


And if you're looking for printed business materials, you're in the right place.  Business Printing is the process of making ideas real. Our professional graphic design and full-color digital printing allows us to make those ideas a tangible product that you can use to communicate your business to your customers. We help move ideas from one mind to another, and one business to another. Whether it's through our trademark Post'N'Peel Business Cards, Restaurant Menus, Catalogs or Sticky Labels, CrossTimber is here to make you sucessful. Give us a call any time, and allow us the priviliage of making your idea become a reality.


Why choose CrossTimber? We're about people. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and that we can custom-craft products to meet the needs of each customer. When you call CrossTimber, you don't hit an answering service or an automated directory. You get a real, honest, hard-working, friendly family that is out to make you successful.


Give us a call anytime at 888-763-2646.


In the Waterford, Beverly or Marietta area? Call locally at 984-2583, or just stop by our Home Office at 14041 State Route 339 in Watertown, Ohio.



Visit our Online Shop

CrossTimber's Online Gift Shop

We make personalized gifts.

CrossTimber gift shop logoWe love making personalized gifts, and Name Meaning Gifts are our absolute favorite line of product. Give us a call any time. We love to answer the question, "What does my name mean?" Find out at our new online store, www.Meaning.Name You can browse through our 100s of full-color photo designs for Name Plaques, color-printed Name Coffee Mugs, our framed BabyName plaques, and our Name Meaning Bookmarks!




CrossTimber's Website Design

Custom Website Design, E-commerce and SEO services

CrossTimber website design logoMost business owners do not consider how valuable a website can be for their business.  Even if they already have a brick-and-mortar store, a website online can meet your clients with a warm and informative greeting.  CrossTimber offers complete website design packages for businesses, professionals and individuals. Our packages are easy-to-understand and we'll walk you through every step of choosing and developing a successful website. So whether you're new to the internet or want to upgrade a site you already have, take a look at our great packages.   





Katie Dehnart's Voiceover

Dozens of voices speak experienced voice talent!

Katie Dehnart voiceover logoJohn's wife, Katie, offers professional voice over services for radio spots, TV ads, animated productions, instructional DVDs, educational e-learning programs, telephone sesrvice menus and more!  Check out her new website to see (and hear!) her great voice demos.  Click here to visit 





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CrossTimber is a family-run, Ohio-Based, American
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