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Newsletter Design and Printing.

Get the message out!  Your good news will be GREAT NEWS with our professional newsletters!  We offer complete newsletter design services, printing, folding, mailing and variable data services. Give us a call! 


We have served Washington County Right to Life with our monthly newsletter services for 11 years, and Christian Chaplain Services in Colorado for 6 years.  (hundreds of setups, thousands of newsletters)



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Custom Layouts, Eye-catching graphics, and quality printing.

CrossTimber's full line of newsletter services make it easy for any business to put out great-looking, professional newsletters.  Just send us the content and we’ll send back a proof of your next edition!  Various sizes, styles, optionsand colors available. Please call us for ideas and prices to meet your information needs.


Also, check out our Variable Data Printing services!  Perfect for address databases with your newsletter!  Let us print the addresses right onto your newsletters and forego the sticky mess of address labels or hand-writing.




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VDP, Variable Data Printing

Mailers & individualized to the recipient

Tired of typing up address labels?  Tired of sorting them?  Tired of fussing with databases?   Let us help you out!  We know that time is one of the most valuable assets you have, so we do our utmost to streamline your data-management with practical and effective programs. We provide the convenient service of data processing to allow you to have less stress and more time for the more important things on your to-do list.

variable data printing for postcards

From Newsletters to Postcards, from e-mails to customer relation letters, Variable Data Printing can streamline your projects without losing the personal touch of individualized communication. VDP allows us to mass produce your printed materials with custom or individualized information that corresponds to the recipient's infrmation. It is based on a customer-supplied database of information that can individualize depending on the recipient. It is a perfect solution for newsleters, postcards, direct marketing, customer relations and advertising.

In other words, you can combine a general message with specific individualized content for each person in a database. Each person gets that personal touch of an individualized greeting without the huge expense of writing a letter to each person.

There are many applications of VDP. The most common is individualizing the recipient and greeting to begin with the person's name. The more in-depth VDP can include custom graphics, images, graphs and charts that vary depending on the category and location of each client in the database.


Files are stored on a secured hard drive, and we can incorporate your address-books into custom-printed address labels, or even print them right onto your newsletters or mail-outs! 


We also offer data-input services.  Got a stack of address forms?  Got a hard-copy of a customer list?  We can get them into a data-manageable format and review some of the basics of database control once we have it into your computer!













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