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Search Engine Optimization Services


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      Search Engine Optimization


"If you build it, they will come."

                               -Kevin Costner, "Field of Dreams"


You already know that the online market is serious business.  That's why you're here. 

CrossTimber offers professional website design, management and SEO services to bring your business to the eyes and clicks of thousands of customers who are already searching for your services.


"33 percent of online U.S. adults indicated they are more likely to shop online rather than in-person at a store due to the high price of gasoline."
iCongo Survey
Apr 22, 2008

So why can't you just get a regular website and let them find you?  Well, if you're using your website as a reference for existing customers and print your address on business cards and letterheads, then you can!  But if you're trying to bring in new customers through online marketing, you need SEO services and website management services that will take advantage of the 660 million searches that are done every day, and bring you customers that are already interested in what you have to offer.


The leading* search engine, Google, considers more than 500 million variables in their search algorithms and 2 billion search terms.  Based on those algorithms, they assign a Page Rank to your site for various search terms in your site, which determines your placement in search results.  A high Page Rank will give you higher placement in search results.  Google co-founder, Larry Page defined "the "perfect search engine," as something that, "understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want."

                                                       *as of Dec 2008, Google managed 82.7% of searches


Our SEO services will optimize your website's visibility to Google, Bing (formerly MSN-Live Search) and Yahoo! which source over 200 other search engines.  Designing a site that is optimzied for search-engine indexing is key to attaining a high PageRank in search results, and therefore receiving more visitors and customers.  In addition to optimizing your website content, we impliment and manage a wide variety of effective online marketing tools to bring in additional traffic, and boost your Page Rank.


Honest SEO Business Standards


Like every advertising market, there are honest and dishonest ways of seeking business.  Dishonest methods of gaining PageRank are called "Black-Hat SEO", and can get you on Google's "Black List" if they find that you're abusing their search system.  We adhere to Google's website design and SEO standards, and the coding rules of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure compliance with Search Engine standards, and therefore gain a higher, honest PageRank.  By the way, if you're on their black list, you don't get listed at all.


BBB Online has also established guidelines for advertising, solicitation and online commerce.  All our SEO practices and features comply and support the guidelines of honest business supported by  Their Business Code can be viewed by PDF here:


Contact us for a custom quote to review what combination of CrossTimber's SEO features might best benefit your business website.




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CrossTimber's SEO Services

We tailor our SEO services to each Client.  Take a look!

Our core SEO service is Website Optimization, which includes keyword research of your industry's competition, with the pages of your site optimized to attract traffic in your field of business.  This is not a pre-made template website, but is customized and built through study and interaction with you, to be suited directly to your industry.  Our website design includes pages for:

  • Multiple Domains with Targeted Landing Pages (Description below.)
  • Each Landing Page will include invitations for a "Get a Free Quote" button, a "Request More Information" button, and a "Apply Online" button.  Each of these will allow the visitor to submit their live-lead information through the website, which will be submitted by e-mail to your representative for follow-up.
  • Contact Page and an FAQ page, featuring an "Ask another Question" button, allowing visitors to submit their contact information for follow-up by your representative.  This will also result as a live lead for follow-up.
  • Optimized Article Pages about your industry, services or products, to boost Page Rank and visitor interest.
  • Home Pages and Landing Pages will be set with company information and ad copy that focus on targeted messaging.  These Landing Pages will each target a specific group or area.

Website Content Optimization

Once the initial keyword list is determined, we incorporate the search phrases into articles and text content developed for the website to target those keyword lists through search engines.

  • Title Tag Optimization
    Title tag appears at the top bar of your web browser. Based on the keywords in this tag¸ search engines list the site relevant to a search made in their engines. It is one of the important aspects of getting rankings in search engines. Since this title also appears in search engines’ result pages¸ appropriate use of keywords in promotional language may result in more click-throughs.
  • Robots.txt Optimization (if needed)
    The Robots.txt disallows search engine spiders from examining certain files or directories.  This can sometimes be advantageous strategically display most content to search engines while reserving other content for human users only, and keeping it invisible to search engines.
  • W3C Validation
    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) established Markup Validation to allow Internet users to check your website for proper XHTML compliance ane errors in code.  We write and validate your sites as per W3C guidelines.  This too is a factor for your PageRank with Search Engines
  • HTML Source Code
    When building and updating your site, we optimize the hidden HTML tags to increase your PageRank for targeted keywords.  These include existing and additional header tags H1 to H6, as well as optimizing Image Alt tags and Hyperlink tags to your full advantage.
  • Canonicalization
    When registering your site with Search Engines, we set the Canonical Link Element to avoid duplicate content issue.  This identifies your site to Search Engines with a single website address to avoid any problems with link variants.  Example: and are all legitimate links to the Google Homepage, but a search engine will only consider one of them to be the canonical form of the URL.
  • XML Google Sitemap
    Also when registering your site with Search Engines, we submit a map of your website to Google, to assist GoogleBots (also known as Spiders) in indexing your website.  The XML Sitemap will be updated quarterly as the content or structure of your website changes.

Additional SEO features and added website functionality:

  • Geographic Submission
    We submit your site to various local search engines. This helps to improve your local visibility over the net and get some local traffic as well.  This includes working with you to optimize your listing in Google's Local Business Center.  For more on the LBC, visit
  • Reiprocal Links
    The first six months of your package includes 480 manual link requests to other websites with relevant content.  Once your site is developed and optimized, we will begin weekly efforts to compile a directory of reciprocal links.  Link development and exchange is a process of researching other websites with content relevant to your website, and contacting them to request a link exchange.  This increases the Page Rank for your website, as well as bringing in traffic from other relevant websites who click the link to your site.
  • PPC Sponsored Ads & Links
    Paid results in search results are usually called "Sponsored Links", which display in a separate space near the organic "real" results.  These are advertisements which are based directly on the user's search query.  It's an ingenious system since the users get advertisements that are relevant to what the user is looking for, and if they click your ad, you get visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer. 
          Unlike offline advertising like billboards or radio ads, you don't get charged for the ad unless a customer actually clicks on the ad and visits your site.  Hence the term, PPC, "Pay Per Click".  The system is fully flexible, and allows which search terms you want to bid on, your maximum bid, and even a cap on how much you'll spend each week on PPC ads.  Ads with the highest maximum bid and the landing page that is most relevant to the searcher's query will be placed highest on the list for users to find.  Because it's a combination of search-adveritsing and bidding, we call the process "Googlebay."
          Once we develop the keyword list suited to your business, we incorporate those search terms into the PPC campaigns for your site, and recommend an ad campaign based on your advertising budget.  We set up the advertising accounts and manage multiple advertising campaigns based on the keyword lists.  We will recommend a price range for the bids and a cap for month-by-month advertising, based on your online-advertising budget*.  About 20% of searchers will click on the Sponsored Link ads, so it is a valuable resource to tap into.
  • Keyword Tracking
    We monitor monthly Keyword Analytics reports to determine which keywords your site should target for PPC ads, and how to improve the content optimization of your site to be relevant to the target searchers.  We will provide Quarterly reviews of these changes along with our recommendations for improving your PPC ad campaigns.
  • Customer Review Submission
    Many consumers check out online business reviews before making a purchase or submitting information online.  There are hundreds of online rating and review forums online, such as at sites like,, or to name a few.  We seek out the top 5 online review sites for your type of company, and submit reviews about your site and business to these review sites.  You will be given the opportunity to assist or revise our write-ups before posting, in order to improve customer trust and confidence.  These online reviews for your business are optimized to increase online visibility, bring in more traffic and increase Page Rank in searches.
  • Social bookmarking & Blogging
    Social bookmarking is very popular these days as people prefer to keep their list of favorite websites online and also share it with others. These bookmarks also serve as backlinks to your website. Sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon and can send significant traffic. And search engines are using social bookmarks as part of their ranking algorithm. We submit your site to 2 popular social bookmarking sites each month for the first 12 months. This helps your overall SEO strategy and adds to visibility of your website.
  • "Live Chat" feature can be added to your website pages if you have a representative available for business hours through an internet Messenger Program such as MSN LIVE messenger, Yahoo-Chat, ICQ etc. 
  • PowerPoint Presentation Submission
    Google displays presentations in its organic listings. We create and optimize presentation of your business and submit it to various presentation sharing sites like Slideshare, MyPlick, Scribd, etc.
  • Video Submission
    Google also displays videos in its organic listings. We create and optimize video presentation of your business and submit it to various video sharing sites like Youtube, MySpace, Google Video, Metacafe, etc.')" class="display">
  • Photo Sharing
    We create profiles of your business on photo sharing sites like Flickr, Photobucket etc. This also helps to generate some amount of traffic to the site.
  • Authoritative Directories
    We shall submit your website to paid reputed directories like,, and more.

Contact us for a custom quote to review what combination of CrossTimber's SEO features might best benefit your business website.

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